How To Understand Chronic Inflammation

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In this video, I'm going to explain how to properly understand the nature of chronic inflammation. It is not properly understood and it is still, although it's really clear in the scientific literature how this works. It hasn't translated into the basic science or clinical education and most healthcare providers, because it's relatively a relatively new concept within the last 20 years. So I'm going to go through, through how to look at this.

Whether you are a, a patient or a non-patient or a treating clinician, no matter if you're a medical doctor, dentist, osteopath, foot doctor, eye doctor, chiropractor, physical therapist, massage therapist or acupuncture doesn't make any difference. All your treatments for all those different healthcare professions, all of their treatments, uh, tend to be less effective as the flame goes on. I'll show you how that works in this video. So we basically started off kind of flame free and then the first thing that hits all of us are going to be mental, emotional stressors that are impossible to avoid. 

But we typically don't have a problem with them when you're young because we have so much inflammation, uh, uh, an envelope of tolerance for inflammation. So above this line, it, when the inflammatory chemistry rises above this line, we get symptoms. So initially mental, emotional stressors are normal. No big deal. We get a little uptake in the flame. Not relevant clinically at all. So what are these chemicals? Well, you have free radicals that are overproduced prostate glands that are overproduced and cytokines that are overproduced.

So what are free radicals? Well, they are oxidizing agents. If you think about an old rusty car, that's oxidation. And so an old rusty human, they're oxidized. So if prostate glands, what are they? Uh, they come from, well, the pro-inflammatory ones come from Omega six fatty acids that we get. Most of our mega six fatty acids come from refined oils that we get in refined foods like French fries, uh, donuts, deep fried foods of all kind packaged foods that are, that are packaged with uh, Omega six rich oils like corn, safflower, sunflower oil, cotton seed oil, soybean oil, peanut oil.

All rich in Omega six is that we do not need. Cytokines, they are pro-inflammatory proteins. So all of these get turned on by mental, emotional stressors. Now they also get turned on simply by the aging process, irrelevant for the first 30 years, for the most part. But then it starts to tick and become more problematic as you move into middle age. And then beyond middle age of over 60 into the final third of one's life. So you can see they are as a double-headed arrow between the same prompt flammatory chemicals. So mental, emotional stressors, inflammation, which is an actual thing. I'm not making it up. And then sedentary living, same flame. So you see the same flame from these very different causes. This is what is yet to get translated into clinical books. And it's not taught in basic science classes yet. So it's kinda not in healthcare yet, unfortunately.

So what else can cause the exact same flame chemicals to be overproduced? Well, the average American gets almost 60% of their calories from refined sugar, flour and oils. So once we are, as we age and are stressing out, we are sitting and stressing and over eating and sitting and stressing. We tend to sleep a little bit less too. So these five factors can go on for five, 10 15 years and you may have no symptoms at all. And then finally, let's just say this kind of kicks in. This is your lifestyle from age 20 to 30 and then from age 30 to 40 you, you start to tick up, you hit 40 and then boom, now you're in the symptoms zone. Now you have symptoms. What symptoms would you have between 30 and 40? Well, mostly aches and pains and a little bit of a, of a change in an effect, meaning your emotional state and a little depressed, a little anxious.

It's not uncommon. Uh, and the reason why is because chronic pain or pain and depression, there are both caused by an excess of these prompt flammatory chemicals. So at some point say 40 we'll just call it 40 or it can be younger, obviously or older. You're living this flaming lifestyle and you have no symptoms and all of a sudden you go from no symptoms to symptoms. And I think, well, what can I do for my pain and depression as opposed to thinking, well, look what I did to myself the past 30 or 40 years, big time flaming. So that is the challenge to overcome for the average person. They do not realize that their lifestyle, which, which is prom flammatory for most of their life, is the reason why they've got symptoms and they're moving towards chronic diseases. They can look at their parents and they can see chronic diseases.

Well, why? When they think, well, isn't the family as opposed to I push my genes to overexpress chronic disease by living in the flame for most of my life, we can add to this smoking Ash to the exact same flame. You can be genetically disposed to produce more inflammatory chemicals and add to it. And then of course, what happens to us after we stress out? We don't sleep. We overeat. These sugars and flours and refined oils, we sit on our butts, we become obese and obesity itself is a state where in the fat cells pump out and the immune cells in the fat mass pump out an excess of free radicals prostate glands and cytokines. 24 seven which is an augmented by acute emotional stressors by more on our butts, more over eating and then sleeping less. And of course if you're a smoker, you add to it, their average person's not so genetically flamed up.

Uh, but most of our lifestyle choices are so flaming we crossed the threshold, but let's just say that you've done all this and you're basically kind of pain free and depression free and then you get injured. Now your injury adds to as the same chemicals, same proinflammatory chemicals that all the other lifestyle factors added to it. Now all of a sudden you got pain that doesn't go away. Now you're depressed and you think, well, what's the cause of all this and the average person because these lifestyle factors here are slow, cumulative. We don't see them.

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