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Why Martial Law Is About To Happen

marital law

With protests growing in major city centers around the U.S., the question has to be asked: Is Martial Law about to be implemented? When local law enforcement can no longer control their area, inevitably the military has to be called in. In this video will look at the reality we now face and explain how Martial Law may soon be implemented.

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Influencing The Influencers


These Kids Were Placed Under Mind Control In 3 Minutes
I have many videos like this, where people are placed under mind control in minutes, without them knowing it. The man executing the mind control of these 3 young people controls their behavior completely with only 5 images on a screen. Now, once you see this, you won’t look at Hollywood movies or “the news” (propaganda) the same ever again…..and you shouldn’t.

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The Reality Of The Modern Immune System

reality of immune system

So first of all, what we need to understand is that the immune system that is taught to the MDs or the pediatricians is literally about a hundred plus years old, or that’s on bad day. On a good day, it’s probably around 60 years old. What I’m talking about is that the theory of

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