5 Bad Mood Foods That You Must Avoid

bad mood foods that you must avoid

When we are hungry and we eat the food that we love, it does not always give you a feeling of well-being…

Bizarre? Not really! This is simply because some foods contain components that can negatively impact our mood. Here are the five bad mood foods that you should stay away from.

1. The biscuits

Bad news: In addition to being very rich, the chips and other stuff that we love at the cocktail hour contain monosodium glutamate, a 100% chemical feed additive that can cause headaches. Not to mention that as an aperitif, cookies tend to increase and then quickly drop our blood sugar. We can also feel some irritability.

2. The coffee

In the morning, many people need their cup(s) of coffee to wake up and get going. Ok, but be careful about the side effects – if you abuse caffeine (more than 5 cups / day), it can cause increased blood pressure, sweating, difficulty concentrating, mood swings and difficult in sleep.

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3. The junk food

Not only are French fries and burgers hyper-caloric, but recent scientific studies have shown that the many trans fats they contain partially inhibit the action of omega-3s in the body. However, when the level of good fats in the body is low, this results in aggressive behavior with a pessimistic or depressive mood.

4. Fries

We sure feel good when we eat fries, nuggets, spring rolls or other fast food. However, you should know that frying food at very high temperatures prevents the release of certain hormones related to well-being (endorphin, serotonin) in the body. So, even if at the moment we feel good, after a meal rich in fries, we will be in a bad mood.

5. The margarine

Often presented wrongly as a healthy alternative to butter, margarine is in fact a product rich in processed lipids. Consumption of margarine can lead to glycemic imbalances and mood swings. Not to mention the risk of weight gain.

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