Cold Showers Work Way Better Than Caffeine

Cold Showers

No one likes to shower with cold water and yet it can change your life. Among its great benefits is its power against aging.  In addition, it helps you lose weight, improves depression states (as endorphins increase) and helps improve productivity. Of course, you have to do it first thing in the morning for best results.

If you want to remember that pleasant feeling we have after exercising seriously, when you feel the blood flow and the skin shine, take a good cold shower to start the day. You may think that this statement is exaggerated, but it is not, or at least that is what the supporters of "cold therapy" advocate.

How to start this morning ritual?

The first ten days of this therapy can start with 2 minutes under cold water. You will see that you will feel a feeling of happiness and adrenaline. Once past the first ten days, you will begin to enjoy this healthy torture: it is similar to when you start physical activity and, although you know that the beginning will cost you a lot of work, you continue anyway because the feeling is worth it.

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Our lifestyle has made us lazy in terms of sensations, but our body is prepared to withstand the extreme cold and heat, as our ancestors did. These cold showers strengthen us. A decision like this helps us to leave behind the social control and pressure that our preferences imply, including the idea of ​​ "I like it" and "I don't like it". The cold shower is not something we like, but if you welcome the break of day with this ritual, you can learn to eliminate these obstacles, and above all, extrapolate the experience to other decisions in our lives. Here are some amazing benefits of cold showers:

1. Improves your circulation

When we expose our body to low temperatures, it begins to increase your blood flow to warm the internal organs and tissues. This will generate better blood circulation.

2. Strengthens your immune system

Before a good cold shower, our metabolism gets stimulated as a reaction and our immune system gets a kick. This boosts our immunity and helps fight infections caused by viruses.

3.  Fresh and healthy skin

A cold shower will help keep your skin smooth and healthy.

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