How Much Does a WooCommerce Store Cost?

WooCommerce Store Cost

Many people think that creating an online store is something simple, easy and does not require a large investment. This is a tendency of thought that we see, and it is usually motivated by the idea of gratuity that many people have on the Internet. Ask how much an online store WooCommerce is an important question to be made before launching into building a business.

What is WooCommerce?

There are different platforms with which you can create an online store. WooCommerce has a series of very competitive advantages over other tools.

WooCommerce is free (the plugin, don't get excited)

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WooCommerce is a free plugin developed by Woothemes (although they currently belong to Automattic) with the aim of offering all the features of an online store in WordPress. With its installation you can create an e-commerce with the same facilities that WordPress offers.

How much does it cost to create an online store on WooCommerce?

It is difficult to say an exact figure of the cost of an online store because it depends on many factors and without knowing them exactly, a certain price cannot be offered. The exact price for a WooCommerce online store is determined according to the level of development, the results you want to achieve and the involvement in hours of the web designer.

Once all the information is available and the structure and contents to be included on the web have been previously studied, it usually takes an average of 50 hours to design the entire online store and configure the main aspects (payment gateways, methods Shipping, product attributes etc.) To this we must add the time the designer spends talking to the customer and subsequent changes.

In this way, you only have to multiply the cost by the hours that have been calculated that the web project requires.

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