The Truth About The Coronavirus Madness

We live in fear of that person who coughed right next to you or the person down the street that doesn't look that well. "Oh my God, I got to stay away from them!". Every year, about 1% of the population will die from every flu that comes up every year! It's no different than flu; it's just a bad flu! It's dangerous, except for this; it can be treated!

The coronoavirus is a flu virus. And they want to say It's not the flu! And I go, look; a flu has a range of symptomology. You've experienced that range yourself. With some flus you don't even know you already had the flu. The immune system takes it and runs with it so fast that it eliminates the symptoms even before they manifest. You may had flus in the past and didn't even know you had it because the active immune system would eliminate it.

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First of all, let's understand something: what is flu and what is cold season all about? There are numbe of different viruses, rhinoviruses and coronaviruses that annually show up every year and bring us all the symptoms of a flu or a cold. The viruses that affect the respiratory system, where the air is coming in and going out. Air's coming in and going out, are viruses that actually replicate at temperatures below body temperature. Whena virus of this cold nature infects a cell, it doesn't replicate it 98.6 at 37 degrees. That's too warm.

So basically, if the temperature drop a couple of degrees, then the virus kicks in so the virus doesn't operate at body temperature; it operates at a colder than body temperature. That's why flu season is associated with winter. The average person is going to have flu symptoms that range from I didn't even know I had the coronavirus. To respiratory distress. That is the threatening problem!

And the respiratory distress means that the symptomology has pushed the system and the respiratory influence of thos viruses down your respiratory tract from your throat all the way down in your lungs is open for infection by this virus. It could get worse! It's dangerous, except for this: it can be treated! So having respirotory distress is not the end problem. If you can get treatment, it will go away. It's a bad flue! The largest portion of the population is not going to die, even though the news media threat is... They didn't come on and say 'Flu season is going to be aggresive this year! Take care of yourself!'

They come on and say 'Aggresive flu is going to kill up to millons of peopel!' And its like 'Geez!' As soon as I hear that it's like ok, it's not a regular year now, it's like I could die; millions of people; that includes me!' And the fear becoming a problem but it some countries they started testing everybody! And gues what they found. About 50% of the population that was tested had previously been exposed to this virus, but has no symptoms. In other words, there's a massive number of people, 50% of the population, that was tested and had already been exposed to the virus and... they had no symptoms!

It means a very important fact: that their immune system is working so good that even though they were exposed to the virus, That virus was not able to overtake the system because of the strengh of their immnue system. The bigger problem you have is the fear of the viurs and a fear response! The biology of the body changes to put eneergy into escaping the fear. That proveribal fear is the saber-toothead tiger that chases us.

When the consciousness of protection is required, then the biology will adapt to a protection response that shuts down the growth and maintenance of the body; That shuts down the immune system. Stress shuts down the immune system to conserve energy. We're all going to manage the coronavirus! Yes, you could get respirory problem and it could be distressing, but gues what? It's not that it can't be treated! It can be treated

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