Plandemic Documentary: The Hidden Agenda Behind Covid-19

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Dr. Judy Mikovits has been called one of the most accomplished scientists of her generation. Her 1991 doctorial thesis revolutionized the treatment of HIV AIDS. At the height of her career. Dr. Mikovits published a blockbuster article in the journal science. The controversial article sent shockwaves to the scientific community as it revealed that the common use of animal and human fetal tissues were unleashing devastating plagues of chronic diseases for exposing their deadly secrets. The minions of big pharma waged war on Dr. Mikovits destroying her good name, career, and personal life. Now, as the fate of nations hanging in the balance, Dr. Mikovits is naming names of those behind the plague of corruption that places all human life in danger. So you made a discovery that conflicted with the agreed upon narrative. Correct. And for that they did everything in their powers to destroy your life. Correct. You were arrested. Correct. And then the, you were put under a gag order.

For four or five years. If I went on social media, if I said anything at all, they would find new evidence and um, and put me back in jail. And it was one of the few times I cried and it was, cause I knew there was no evidence the first time. And when you can unleash that kind of force to force someone into bankruptcy with a perfect credit score. And so that I couldn't bring my 97 witnesses, which included the heads, Tony Fauci, you know, Ian Lipkin, the heads of the public health in HHS, who would have had to testify that we did absolutely nothing wrong. And so what did they charge you with? Nothing. But you were in jail? I was held in jail with no charges. I was called a fugitive from justice.

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No warrant. Literally drug me out of the house. Our neighbors are looking at what's going on here. You know, they search my house without a warrant. Literally terrorize my husband for five days. They said, if you don't find the notebooks, if you don't find the material, which was not in my possession but planted in my house. As if you took intellectual property from the laboratory. Yes it was. It was intended to appear is if I took confidential material names and intellectual property from the laboratory and I could prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that I didn't, heads of our entire HHS colluded and destroy my reputation and the department of justice and the FBI sat on it and kept that case under seal, which means you can't say there's a case or your lawyers are held in contempt of court so you can't even get a lawyer to defend you.

So every single due process right, was taken away from me and to this day remains the same. I have no constitutional freedoms. You sit here. I think a lot of people would probably have just taken the retirement out early, laid low, but you have decided to come forth when your gag order has been released to write a book called plague of corruption, restoring faith in the promise of science. And you are naming names. Absolutely. Apparently their attempt to silence you has failed. And I have to ask, how do you sit here with the confidence to call out these great forces and not fear for your life as you leave this building? Because if we don't stop this now, we can not only forget our Republic and our freedom, but we can forget humanity because we'll be killed by this agenda. So Anthony Fowchee.

The man who is heading the pandemic task force was involved in a coverup. He directed the coverup and in fact everybody else was paid off and paid off big time, millions of dollars in funding from Tony Fowchee, Tony Fowchee, his organization, national Institute of allergy infectious disease. These investigators that committed the fraud continue to this day to be paid big time by the NIAID and the whole world is listening to his advice for how to handle this current pandemic. How do we know that what he's saying is what we need to be learning. What you saying is absolute, uh, propaganda. And, and the same kind of propaganda that he's perpetrated to kill millions since 1984 we know from this study quite clearly that there will be a delay in progression, significantly greater than for individuals who do not take the drug. It started really when I was 25 years old. It was part of the team that isolated HIV from the saliva and blood of the patients from France where Luke Janae had originally isolated the virus.

This was a confirmatory study, but Tony Pouchy and Robert Gallo were working together then to spin the story in a different way. At that time, Dr. Rossetti was out of town and Tony Fowchee says, um, you know, we understand that you have a paper in press and we want a copy of it. And I said, yes, there's a paper in press and it's confidential and no, I will not give you a copy of it. He started screaming at me. Then he said, give us the paper right now or, or be fired for insubordination. And I've just said, I'm sure when Dr. Rossetti gets back, you can have the conversation. And so Frank comes back, you know, several weeks later and is really bullied into giving Fowchee the paper. Fowchee holds up the publication of the paper for several months while Robert Gallo writes his own paper and takes all the credit. And of course, patents are involved. This delay of the confirmation, you know, literally led to spreading the virus around, um, you know, killing millions. Perhaps no one expressed the anguish of AIDS better than New York writer Larry Kramer.

But he was even more angry at the federal government and the pharmaceutical industry. One person who felt Kramer's fury was NIH, Dr. Anthony Fowchee, he called Tony Fowchee, the burning made of science. It's still been crushing to me to think that I didn't know my work in 1999 was something that had been avoided. From 83 and 82 when the virus was isolated. The virus didn't have to wait until 84 to be confirmed. Think of how many people, the entire continent of Africa, you know, lost a generation as that virus was spread through because of the arrogance of a group of people in includes Robert Redfield, who's now the head of the CDC, right along with Tony Fowchee. They were working together to take credit and make money and they had the patents on it and tailored them to IL to therapy, which was absolutely the wrong therapy. And had that not happen, millions wouldn't have died from HIV. How can a man who's giving any, any person who's giving global advice for health, own a patent in the solution in the vaccine? Isn't that a conflict of interest or shouldn't it be? It is a conflict of interest. And in fact, this is one of the things that I, I've been saying and would like to say to president Trump repeal the buy Dole act

By both fundamentally changed the way universities approach technology transfer. Uh, and you can see that best in the statistics. Universities obtained 16 times as many patents today as they did in 1980. Now everybody's getting more patents, but still university's share of all patents in the United States is more than five times greater than it was before. The situation has gotten so bad. That one, information technology industry official has publicly referred to universities as quote, crack addicts unquote driven by quote small minded tech transfer offices addicted to patents, royalties.

That act gave government workers the right to patent their discoveries, so to, to claim intellectual property for discoveries that the taxpayer paid for. Ever since that happened in the early eighties, it destroyed science and this allowed the development of those conflicts of interests. And this is the crime behind letting somebody like bill Gates with billions of dollars. Nobody elected him. He has no medical background. He has no expertise, but we let people like that have a voice in this country while we destroy the lives of millions of people. Normalcy only returns when we largely vaccinated the entire global population. If we activate mandatory vaccines globally, I imagine these people stand to make hundreds of billions of dollars that own the vaccines and they'll kill millions has they already have with their vaccines? There is no vaccine currently on the schedule for any RNA virus that works.

So I have to ask you, are you anti-vaccine? Oh, absolutely not. Um, in fact, vaccine is immune therapy. Uh, just like interferon alphas, immune therapy. So I'm not anti-vaccine. My job is to develop immune therapies. That's what vaccines are. Do you believe that this virus was created in a laboratory? I wouldn't use the word created, but you can't say naturally occurring if it was by way of the laboratory. So it's very clear this virus was manipulated, these, this family of viruses was manipulated and studied in a laboratory where the animals were taken into the laboratory. And this is what was released, whether deliberate or not, that cannot be naturally occurring. Somebody didn't go to a market, get a bat. The virus didn't jump directly to humans. That's not how it works. That's accelerated viral evolution. If it was a natural occurrence, it would take it up to 800 years to occur. This occurred from SARS one within a decade. That's not, that's not naturally occurring. And do you have any ideas of where this occurred? Oh yeah. I'm sure it occurred between the North Carolina laboratories, Fort Dietrich, U S army research Institute of infectious disease, and the Wuhan laboratory

$3.7 million flowed from the national institutes of health here in the U S to the WuHan lab in China. The same lab where many people have said that this Corona virus infection first originated. We also now know that NIH, the department associated with the national institutes of health, of which Dr. Anthony Fowchee is in control, had already been conducting the experiments with the Wu Han lab in the past in regard Corona virus. If Dr. Anthony Fowchee cannot be honest with the public about his connection to this lab that Fowchee has to go.

In 1999 I was working in Fort Dietrich and you say, I'm red there, and my job was to teach Ebola how to infect human cells without killing them. Ebola couldn't infect human cells until we took it in the laboratories and took to them. It's hard to ignore the death tolls. People have been dying. They are dying from this and in quite alarming numbers. How do you reconcile that? Uh, um, it's pretty easy when you see, for me when you see what the government has done and that is that they took quoting Dr. Burke's, we've taken a very liberal approach to mortality. If my husband were to die, who has COPD, his lungs have fibrosis, his lungs would look exactly like somebody with Covid 19 theoretically, but he has no evidence of infection. So if you're not testing and you don't have evidence of infection, and if you walked in there today, you know, they call it Covid 19. And we hear this from the doctors and nurses who are upset.

I've seen so many doctors online that have made their own webcam videos just perplexed by the protocol that the CDC had given them. Well, last Friday I received a seven page document that sort of told me that if I had an 86 year old patient that had pneumonia but was never tested for covid19 but sometime after she came down with pneumonia, we learned that she had been exposed to her son who had no symptoms but later on was identified with covid19 that it would be appropriate to diagnose on the death certificate covid19.

When I'm writing up my death report, I'm being pressured to add covid. Why is that? Why are we being pressured to add covid to maybe increase the numbers and make it look a little bit worse than it is? I think so. Why would they want to skew the number of deaths due to covid 19.

Well fear is a great way to control people and sometimes people's ability to think for themselves as paralyzed if they're frightened enough, and that's not where I want people to be. I want people to say, we're going to get through this. I'm going to use my head. I'm going to go to different sources. I'm going to listen to different sources and I'm going to think for myself because that's what America is about. If someone dies with covid 19 we are counting that as a covid 19 death. You don't die with an infection. You die from an infection. I've talked with doctors who have admitted that they are being incentivized to list patients that are sick or have died with covid 19. Yeah, $13,000 for Medicare, if you call it covid 19.

Right now, Medicare has determined that if you have a covid 19 admission to the hospital, you'll get paid $13,000 if that covid 19 patient goes on a ventilator, you get $39,000 three times as much

And you've killed them with the ventilator cause you gave them the wrong treatment. All the things that just don't make sense. The patients I'm seeing in front of me, the lungs I'm trying to improve, have led me to believe that we are operating under a medical paradigm that is untrue and I fear that this misguided treatment will lead to a tremendous amount of harm to a great number of people. In a very short time. My next question is about Italy. I want to know why Italy was it so hard? Italy has a very old population. Um, they're very sick with inflammatory disorders. They got it the beginning of 2019 an untested new form of influenza vaccine that had four different strains of influenza, including the highly pathogenic H1N1. That vaccine was grown in a cell line, a dog cell line. Dogs have lots of Corona viruses and that's why they're not testing their, you could just say, Oh, it was that.

As the country begins emerging from the worst of the Corona virus epidemic, one question remains. What happened to all the hydroxychloroquine? We know that hydroxychloroquine and zinc are working great for patients and then Fowchee comes out and says, well, there's no double blind control placebo study, which by the late Dr. Fowchee, is there going to be a double blind control placebo study of your vaccine is there? In a survey polling nearly 2300 doctors in some 30 countries, hydroxychloroquine was ranked as the most effective medication to treat the virus.

The AMA was saying, you know, doctors will lose their license if they use hydroxy chloric. When the anti-malarial drug that's been on the list of essential medicine worldwide for 70 years, dr Fowchee calls that anecdotal data. It's not storytelling. If we have thousands of pages of data saying it's effective against these families of viruses for 50 cents a dose, we could protect a thousand people for seven days, two doses a day with one $600 file. And that hasn't been done. This is essential medicine. And they keep it from the people, not only now, but back in autism with our discovery. There was an old antiviral drug, hundred year old drug called sermon on the who list of essential medicine. You literally gave kids with autism a voice, a life. What at Bayer and Monsanto do. They took it away from everybody. You get it to save your life right now.

And we tried, believe me every way we could. So when you take away a medicine, in not just that, not just the who, not just the who, the FDA, the CDC, Tony Fowchee close, everything. Just end it all. And we've got a healthy world again and we got tons of money cause we can take all that money they're making on their patents and we can give it to the victims of this plague of corruption. Is it safe to say that anything that cannot be patented has been shut down intentionally because there's no way to profit from it? All these natural remedies that we have had for ever? Absolutely. That's fair to say. And that's exactly what's going on in covid 19 the game is to prevent the therapies till everyone is infected and push the vaccines. Knowing that the flu vaccines increase the odds by 36% of getting covid 19. Where does that data come from? A publication last year where the military who had been vaccinated with influenza were more susceptible to Corona viruses. Corona viruses are in every animal. So if you've ever had a flu vaccine, you were injected with Corona viruses and then to put on a mask.

This doesn't make any sense. We were masked in an acute setting to protect us. We're not wearing masks. Why is that? Because we understand microbiology, we understand immunology and we want strong immune systems. Our immune system is used to touching. We share bacteria, staphylococcal, streptococcal bacteria, viruses. We develop an immune response daily to this stuff. When you take that away from me, my immune system drops. As I shelter in place, my immune system drops. You keep me there for months, it drops more and now I'm at home hand-washing vigorously washing the counters, worried about things that are indeed what I need to survive.

You're not, you're not immunodeficient and you're not, elderly. You should be able to go out without any gloves and without a mask. I think if you are those things, you should either set shelter in place or wear a mask and gloves. I don't think everybody needs to wear the mask and gloves because it reduces your bacterial flora. It doesn't allow you to interact with society and your bacteria flora and your viruses. Your friends that protect you from other diseases end up going away and now you're more likely to get opportunistic infections, infections that are hoping you don't have your good bugs fighting for you, if that makes sense.

And then as we all come out of shelter in place with a lower immune system and start trading viruses, bacteria, what do you think is going to happen? Diseases is going to spike. I guarantee when we reopened, there's going to be a huge, huge amount of illness that's going to be rampant. The building blocks of your immune system is virus and bacteria. End of story

Wearing the mask, literally activate your own virus, your getting sick from your own reactivated Corona virus expressions. And if it happens to be SARS Cove too, then you've got a big problem. You're not the first virologist who has told me that we're doing the exact opposite of what we should be doing to contain and to create immunity from this virus. Why would you close the beach? You've got sequences in the soil, in the sand. You've got healing microbes in the ocean, in the salt water. That's insanity.

These institutions that are polluting our environment and our bodies. There was a time when they actually had to fight their own battles, but they've done such a great job at manipulating the masses that it's other people shutting down other citizens and the big tech platforms follow suit and they shut everything down. There is no dissenting voices allowed anymore in this free country, which is something I never thought I would live to see.

Nor would I accept what I've experienced since 2011 it's beyond comprehension. How a society can be so fooled that the types of propaganda continue to where they're just driving us to hate each other. You want to go work? Yes. Get this disease. I think the marriage profession wrong so far, ma'am, day been wrong.

Hopefully this is the wake up call of all America to realize this makes no sense and we win because it will take down the whole program with information like this. And, and for me it's the great news that the doctors are waking up and saying, wait a minute, you, you doctors that are watching this and I see a lot of you right here. Why are you not getting loud? I'm here to defend you. I'm here to defend my freedoms. I'm here to defend my family's freedoms, my patient's rights to choose what to do with their life. I'm just blown away and I'm blown away. Why? There are not more doctors like me talking about this all over the place. We should be banding together right now. You need to wake up because your liberties are getting taken away from you all because of fake news that's out there. This is wrong. People should be going to jail for this stuff.

So it's not the scientists who are in any way dishonest. They're listening to people who for more than 40 years, have controlled who gets funded. What gets published, and I'm sorry to say many, many people will simply take the money and the fame and that support things that absolutely aren't true. What do you say to the medical professionals that are just beginning to get a glimpse of the depth to which they have been misled and steered away from their oath to do?

I say forgive yourselves. It's the hardest thing to realize for all of us and is, is that with all the best intention we studied, we learned what we thought was the truth. We had no idea that the, the data that we were being told was true, was not true. We've been taught now in our, in our schools of very different science. You don't get funded if you don't speak the party line, you don't get published. That was probably the hardest thing for me to take is understanding that scientific terminals would twist the discovery that should have healed all. Will the scientific community have the courage to answer the question of whether these diseases might have been up their own creation. So what we did pretty much ever since I got out of jail, we started an education company. We wake up doctors and it's fairly difficult, but every doctor who realized they may have been part of the problem has now turned that around to March toward a better society and restore faith in the promise of medicine. That's all we can do. Well, Dr. Mikovitz, thank you so much for your time. It's been a real honor to sit here with you and particularly thank you for your courage. Thank you, Mickey. I appreciate it a lot.

The idea that we are now a few days away from a new administration given, as you heard from the introduction that I have been around for a while and have had the opportunity of serving in five administrations. I thought I would bring that perspective to the topic today is the issue of pandemic preparedness, and if there's one message that I want to leave with you today is that there is no question that there will be a surprise outbreak. The thing we're extraordinarily confident about is that we are going to see this in the next few years. Thank you.

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