A Shot In The Dark Documentary (2020)

"Vaccines are completely safe and more of Colorado's children need them."

"Get your children vaccinated."

It wasn't until 1998, then a mother came up to me and said, Dr. Larry, did you know that there's mercury in vaccines? And I said, no, I did not. And as a medical student, I was trained to critically think. If you see an observation, you go after it and try and figure out if there's a question to ask. So instead of just ignoring it, I looked further into the vaccine ingredients and I didn't understand why these same ingredients were actually in vaccines. I was starting to hear stories from parents, not dozens, not hundreds, but thousands of stories from parents who took a very healthy child into their doctor's office and then found that their child lost much of their health. Whether it was their speech, whether it was seizures, whether it was death, whether it was asthma, allergies, eczema, whether it was autism, whether it was learning disabilities, whether it was inflammatory bowel disease, autoimmune diseases. And every one of those parents were told it had nothing to do with the vaccine.


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There is no study to prove that unvaccinated children have ever been proven to start an epidemic. I have been seeing families in my practice for over 20 years that have opted out of vaccination. They are the healthiest children I have ever seen. And more and more parents are understanding the dangers of vaccines. And that's why we're seeing such pressure to mandate vaccines because more of the science is coming out. We assume that if we vaccinate, we're getting protection, we assume that if we vaccinate, we're stopping spread of disease. Those are assumptions that have never been solidified in science.

I asked the dad what happened and the dad tells me, yeah, the shot went in. He was sitting in the chair. I basically instantly see as his whole face goes white, has had like lawls back. You know, he's like staring straight up. His eyes go to the back of his head. He goes limp and he and his whole body convulses like three or four times, maybe 30 seconds or so after you've been given a shot roughly. And that's what's kind of interesting is this is a family who had not vaccinated. Um, they were not planning to vaccinate and then they decided they had to because of the new school law.

A seemingly completely healthy little girl playing freeze tag in the front yard. Mom wakes her up the next morning. She is paralyzed from the neck down this after just getting the flu shot vaccine. With me, her mother, Carla. Carla, why do you believe this was because of the flu shot?

Because there was nothing else. And then no other life changing events or no other medications out of the ordinary given it had been the only thing that had been given to her or happened to her during the time period and extensive testing was done at the hospital to try to find another cause and non was able to be found.

Well, I mean I have to come from the perspective of a parent who has a vaccine injured child. I took my bright healthy precocious little two and a half year old boy in for a fourth DPT shot. And within hours of that shot, I witnessed him suffer a convulsion, a collapsed shock, a state of unconsciousness, and he was eventually diagnosed with minimal brain damage, including multiple learning disabilities and attention deficit disorder. We have seen children become disabled and chronically ill. One in six child in America is now learning disabled. Why are so many highly vaccinated children? So sick.

A five pound pre-mi gets the same vaccination as a 10 pound full termer. They need to be individualized and explain why you and why you decided not to vaccinate your youngest children. I have three. I have three children. My oldest site is kind of the sacrificial lamb. He was vaccinated and had a huge amount of thin Marisol, huge amount of mercury. And after he had the MMR and the chickenpox vaccination on the same day, we never saw him again for three years. Never saw him again. He developed autism. He lost language, he lost social skills, he lost bowel control. He became very sick within hours of vaccination. So I, you know, I held his hand there over the proverbial fire. He got burned. Don't ask me to line up my other two children to get burned again. What kind of parent would I be? 

Like if I was a doctor, I would want you to get sick because the more times you get sick, the more money I make. I don't get sick. I'm just being honest. I don't get sick. My children have never been sick. Okay. Vaccine, they've never been vaccinated, none of that. And they don't get sick. Okay. Because the mother's milk in the breast is a, the vaccination that they need. That's it.

Do any vaccines contain egg protein? Oh yes. Influenza. Do any vaccines contain gelatin from pigs? Uh, yes. Do any vaccines in the childhood vaccine schedule continue an albumin? Oh yes. What is human albumin? Human albumin is part of the human serum part of the blood that is liquid. That can be problematic, right? Well, it could be, I mean, if, uh, if the individual is not not healthy. Or if maybe some of the human blood components bind to some of the aluminum and develop antibodies, self antibodies. Correct. If they develop antibodies against a certain component that would not be good. Do I need vaccines on the childhood vaccine schedule contain MRC5 human diploid cells. Yes, of rubella, varicella, hepatitis A. What are MRC5 cells? They are human fiber blast, a cell strain. They were created by taking fetal tissue from a particular fetus that was aborted by maternal choice. And the cells, so-called fiberblast cells were cultivated.

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