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A film about SOLUTIONS for our broken food system.

With the earth on the brink of ecological disaster, and chronic disease rates skyrocketing - it’s easy to feel like the problems we face on the planet are too big.

That there’s nothing we can do.

That it’s too late.

It’s not. We just need HOPE.

We need to know there’s a choice that CAN work.

Which is why we spent the last 5 years making our film “The Need To GROW”.

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Executive produced and Narrated by Rosario Dawson (Marvel’s The Defenders, The Lego Batman Movie)...

The Need To GROW follows three renegade leaders as they fight to heal our broken food system and protect new technology that holds the key to feeding the planet and reversing the damage caused by industrial agriculture

An urban farmer struggles to keep his land after he pioneers a way to grow organic, nutrient-dense produce at warp speed ANYWHERE

(Imagine paved parking lots sprouting acres of huge, healthy, micronutrient-rich, organic veggies!)

An 8-year-old girl scout challenges the ethics of a beloved organization in her quest to raise awareness and make healthy food available to everyone.

And a visionary inventor builds a machine that takes waste and turns it into a natural substance that can reclaim and regenerate dead soil. (Doing in days what takes nature 400 years!)

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The Need To GROW is a story of real-world SOLUTIONS.

It’s an environmental movie that gives us hope.

“Everyone should watch this film. It gave me hope for future generations to see the importance for live, healthy, nutrient-dense food”.

The breakthroughs in technology and human spirit showcased in this film give us a clear path we can all follow.

If you want to feel like there’s a chance for our children and grandchildren to grow up in a world that’s thriving and green, this is a film for you.

If you’re awake to the hope of a sustainable future, join us in our quest to regenerate our planet’s dying soils and participate in the restoration of the Earth.

Learn more and watch the movie for free:

The film is engaging, informative and hopeful without being preachy.

It will make you laugh, make you cry, give you chills, and inspire you to participate in the restoration of the Earth.

Watch the film, learn about the solutions, spread the word and join us in making a difference:

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