Medical Marijuana: Colleges Say No and Face Lawsuits

Medical Marijuana

Schools and colleges are turning into a battleground for the contention among government and state laws for cannabis use – the enrolled students who utilize therapeutic cannabis for recreation are now standing against the old drug policies of the campus.

In all the states where medical cannabis pot is allowed, the students who are told to utilize it are prosecuting their schools. School authorities contend they could lose government financing for neglecting to keep regulatory law that considers marijuana an illicit substance with no acknowledged therapeutic purpose.

Sheida Assar said she was ousted from GateWay Community College in Phoenix a month ago for damaging the school's medication approach after she was found under the effect of cannabis – she has been using it to treat her persistent symptoms from polycystic ovary disorder.

She was a student of medicinal sonography in diagnostics. Assar stated, and a teacher explained to her she wouldn't have any issues if she used her Arizona medical marijuana card. According to her teacher, she has never been under the intoxicating effect of cannabis in class and she uses it to help herself sleep at night.

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"They pulled me out of class on a school day," said Assar, 31, from Chandler, Arizona. "They accompanied me to the office like I was a ... criminal. It's clearly a case of discrimination, and it is additionally a violation of my privileges under the Arizona medicinal pot law."

Assar and different understudies state they got approved to use medicinal cannabis from school staff who serve students with wellbeing related needs — just to confront disciplinary action from highly ranked school authorities.

Assar said she plans to sue GateWay to recover the $2,000 she spent on educational cost and other costs related to her tenure. Her legal advisor as of now has been in contact with the school, she said.

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