The Endless Divorce Of Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt

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The actors, who separated three years ago and have six children in common, ask the judge for more time to resolve all their financial matters.

The divorce of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt does not seem to come to an end. Three years ago, the actors announced their separation after 12 years of relationship, Jolie and Pitt remain immersed in a tedious process that seems endless. Although the main obstacle was the custody of her six children, now the ex-partner has found another point of contention: her enormous economic heritage.

According to the media The Blast, which has had access to court documents, Pitt and Jolie have asked the court for more time to settle this issue. From Los Angeles County they have agreed to this delay period, but on the condition that the actors assume the economic costs of the private judge who will assume their case. Something to which both have agreed.

After this, the biggest problem that the actors now have is deciding who stays with the Château Miraval, the French mansion surrounded by vineyards that they bought in 2011 for 60 million dollars and that, initially, they planned to leave their children in inheritance. According to the same American media, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have won many millions throughout their career, but the two stars joined part of their heritage during their relationship, so they are now in the position to decide what and how much It belongs to each one.

However, this incident kicked until last year, while Jolie claimed full custody of her children and restricted the actor's visits. In June 2018, the judge in charge of the case had to draw attention to the interpreter and demanded that she improve her children's relationship with the actor, or she could lose custody.

At this time, the actors have not hesitated to talk about their situation. While Brad Pitt recently said that his problems with alcohol influenced and led to his divorce, last week Angelina Jolie recognized how much it cost him to get ahead after a troubled time. "There are moments in my life that I have hidden, in which I feel small and insecure and not free of pain. I have also felt cornered. I have a hard time finding myself again, probably more now than in the last four years," he said in an interview.

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