Three Reasons Real Estate Could Crash

Is the real estate market on the brink of collapse? THIS IS THE INTEL YOU NEED!

The US economy is headed for a recession if not a depression as a result real estate prices may drop. But there are no certainties, only probabilities, these are some catalysts that could trigger incredible amounts of selling, which would flood the market with additional supply. It this type of "forced selling takes place prices could collapse. Will it play out like 2008-2012? Most likely not, but it could rhyme, and the net result is the same, prices plummet in real terms (adjusted for inflation). If you're interested in real estate, the housing market or the future of the economy this is A MUST WATCH!!

In this video I discuss the following:

1. Additional supply hitting the market because baby boomers need cash!
2. Supply hitting the market because Airbnb investors are forced to sell.
3. Private equity funds rotating out of housing creating huge downward pressure on the housing market.

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