Young People Want To Post On Social Media For Money

People Want To Post On Social Media

Social media influencers are living a life most of the young people wish to have. According to a study, 86% of the Gen Z respondents don’t just follow these influencers, they also wish to be like them.

Social media offers several ways to make money online – it’s a powerful tool to connect employees with the employers. For young people, the main reasons to open an account on social networks were to contact and communicate with friends and family (66%), be up to date with their interests (57%), find interesting and entertaining content (45%) and strengthen their professional network (40%).

The study highlighted that 76% of respondents follow a company, brand or influencer from their social media accounts. What attracts respondents most in the profile of a company in social networks is the job offers (73%). 78% of the candidates has ever sought employment through a social network.

Another study highlighted that 8 out of 10 people once in their lives looked for a job on social network.

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LinkedIn is the favorite social network to communicate openly for potential employment, followed by Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. 65% of the candidates said that they look for work every day on social networks. 77% of candidates who have sought employment through social networks send their CVs. Around 50% of the respondents even claimed to receive a job offer after applying through social media.

Young people tend to apply discreetly as they consider their social network profiles a personal business. Majority of them inspire to make money out of posting quality content on the social media as an influencer.

Your success in this business depends on your number of followers – the more followers you have, the higher potential there is for you to make money.

A study highlighted that you can make as much as $1,026 for a single post if you are an Instagram influencer with around 50,000 followers.

This trending career is not just a side hustle for young people – it’s giving birth to some of the finest “thought leaders” that people around the world follow religiously.

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