This Teacher Holds The Baby For Three Hours So The Mother Could Make Notes During The Lecture

Teacher Holds The Baby For Three Hours

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A university professor from Georgia Gwinnett College (USA) held the baby of one of her students during class so the mother could take notes. The image of the professional has been disseminated in social networks, and several users have congratulated her noble work, local media reports.

Ramata Sissoko Cisse, assistant professor of biology, offered a conference for 3 hours with the baby resting on her back. The previous night, the teacher received a call from her student to indicate that the babysitter had become ill and therefore, should take her son to class.

After failing to get a babysitter, a student decided to attend the class while carrying her baby. This teacher took over and carried her little guy for three hours while giving her lecture, just so the student could make notes of her lecture. She even fed him!

At the beginning of the class, the academic noticed that the child was restless and decided to hold it. Cisse looked for a lab coat in the classroom and wrapped the baby as African mothers usually do. According to his testimony, the child fell asleep shortly after loading it and woke up near the end of the chair.

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"I am teaching love," Cisse told AJC in a telephone interview on Friday. "I am teaching honor. I am teaching dignity. I am teaching respect. I take it very seriously," said the teacher, who is also the mother of three children.

Cisse is originally from Mali and has been working at the university for 3 years. The teacher reiterated that with her actions she intends to demonstrate that teachers are willing to help students to get ahead and assured that other faculty members would have acted in a similar way.

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