The Soy Based Impossible Burger Showed High Concentrations of Monsanto’s Glyphosate

Impossible Burger showed High Concentrations of Monsanto’s Glyphosate

Many people around the world are turning away from meat – it’s the primary reason for the rise of alternative GMO food products aimed at cutting down industrial scale meat production.

One of these companies called The Impossible Burger stood out for successfully making a burger out of Genetically Modified or GMO Soy. Most people soon started seeing it as a healthier alternative to regular beef.

Only recently, scientific reports claimed that this product is significantly linked to organ damage in animals when tested in the labs. The product contains significantly high levels of Monsato’s Glyphosate, a substance that is known to be a potent carcinogen. A surprisingly high concentration of this substance can pose severe negative health effects on consumers.

This recent report has raised several concerns among people – are GMO based products good or bad? Let's try to understand this issue impartially.

It is precisely the lack of objectivity in this controversial topic. Today, in many countries of the world, the concept of GMO has started to become synonymous to the "products that cause tumors and mutations". GMOs are being criticized for various reasons – they are tasteless, unsafe and threaten the nutritional value for the entire population.

GMOs are genetically modified organisms i.e. modified using genetic engineering methods. This concept in the narrow sense applies to plants. In the past, various breeders have achieved plant benefits using a variety of GMO tricks. These included grafting the cuttings of some trees to others or the choice for sowing seeds with only certain qualities. After that, it was necessary to wait a long time for the results. Today, with advanced technology in genetics the right gene can be moved to the right place and we can quickly get what we want.

Apparently, we’ll have to wait to see to what extent GMO based food products penetrate food industry around the world. For now, it’s one of the most controversial subjects on record.

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