Tracking Down the Origin of the Wuhan Coronavirus

I watch CNN, I watch Fox, I watch CBS, and in this case there's a lot of things not being said. It almost certainly is a recombination event that was laboratory driven. This is just the essential nature of Chinese communism. Chinese communism is evil. Every person that harms is directly attributable to the Chinese communist party.

I began looking into the origin of the now widely known Corona virus in early February. That's time in the mid, the Hong Kong protest, the Taiwan elections in the us, China trade. My name is Joshua Phillip. I'm an investigative reporter at the epoch times in New York, writing about the Chinese communist parties, programs of espionage and unconventional warfare for well over a decade. Videos and messages from Chinese citizens leaking through the censorship suggested the situation was much worse than what the Virgin was reporting. As my research progress initial answers turned into more questions. I soon realized there was much more to the story than we were being told. Today the corona virus is impacting over a hundred countries around the world. Billions of lives are ruins and from what is said by the Chinese communist party. This allegedly started spontaneously in the seafood market in Wuhan China.

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Wuhan is the capital of Hubei province, the largest city in central China. Wuhan seafood market is located in Jianghan district of Wuhan city. There's a large comprehensive market that includes pork and a variety of frozen seafood flavored spices as well as some game meats. The first thing that received public attention about the epidemic was an internal notice from the Wuhan health commission. There has been a continuous occurrence of pneumonia cases of unknown thoughts. The notice issued on December 30 2019 clearly required all medical units to report similar cases of unknown pneumonia. The notice started spreading online and on December 31st, 2019 the Wuhan health commission issued a public notice for the first time saying that some medical institutions found a link between the pneumonia cases and the Huanhan sea food market. However, the notice pointed out that there was no evidence of obvious human to human and no infection among medical personnel.

On January 1st, 2020 the Huanhan seafood market posted a notice of closure. This was followed by a thorough clean up of the market, which as an investigative reporter seemed rushed. One he, a well known Hong Kong expert echoed my concern that the move was like destroying the crimes. Since then, Wu Han officials have repeatedly said that most cases of pneumonia in Wuhan have a history of exposure to the Huanhan seafood market. On January 26 the Institute of virology of China CDC announced that 33 of the 585 environmental samples from the Huanhan seafood market were found to contain the novel Corona virus, nucleic acid, and the virus was successfully isolated from the positive culture samples suggesting that the virus originated from wild animals sold at the market.

At this point, Huanhan seafood market being the source of the epidemic became an official conclusion. A few days later, however, a report from the journal science published online challenged that story. The report cited a paper in the Lancet, one of the world's top medical journals and questioned whether Wuhan's novel, Coronavirus pneumonia, did not have originated at the market. The paper titled clinical features of patients infected the 2019 novel coronavirus in Wuhan China was published in the Lancet on January 24th the first author of the paper is Long Chow Lin, deputy director of Jing Huanhan hospital. The first designated hospital for treatment of unknown pneumonia in Yuan. Why would this come as a challenge to the official narrative?

I think that this journal article is very important to review a lot of important inflammations or you dump all these. Lets talk about the first patient onset, what's actually on December 1st. These patients not related to Huanhan sea food market. And also no any article association was found between the first patient and subsequent patient. And then also on these paper would talk about on December 10th there was three more onset cases, two are which were not related to Huanhan sea food market wholesale. Major discoveries there are a total of 41 patients were counted in his paper and 14 of them proved to be unrelated to the seafood market. A counting for more than one cert, no one sounds a bet at the seafood market to, and the official from CDCs did a mention they'd find Andy bets in a sea food market too.

Certainly the Lancet paper showing that suppose it patients zero was nowhere near the market. Secondly, that there are no bats in the seafood market or anywhere close. The idea of this spread so fast through a population. Just the way it was said through the seafood market is highly unlikely and improbable.

On January 29th the Lancet republishes an analysis of 99 confirmed cases at Jinyintan hospital of which 50 had no history of exposure to the seafood market. According to the new England journal of the 425 cases, confirm 45 cases onset before January. First had no history of exposure to the seafood market. Notably the authors of the two lands at papers in the new England journal of medicine or doctors and medical experts in mainland China. Daniel Lucey an epidemiologist of the university of Georgetown said in response to the Lancet paper that if the data were accurate, the first case would have been infected by the virus already in November, 2019 because of the incubation period between infection and symptoms, this would mean that the virus was quietly spreading between people in some parts of Wuhan before the cluster of cases with a history of exposure. The Huanhan seafood market began in December 15. The first expert group from the national health commission arrived in Wuhan as early as December 31st, 2019 the expert panel established a set of diagnostic criteria after investigating Jinyintan hospital of Wuhan that stipulated a history of contact with Huanhan seafood market.

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