FREE Water and Electricity For A BILLION People?

How do you bring lights to billions of people, prevent millions of tons of pollution. And ensure clean water for everyone. Watch every single one of us has the same basic needs, lights, health, water. Yet half the world lives without these fundamentals. We have come up with solutions for a billion people, new inventions that create pollution, free electricity, free fertilizer that gets a billion farmers out of poverty. Simple devices that turn dirty water into clean, drinkable water. My name is Manoj Bhargava and most people know me as the founder of five hour energy.

After a few years we became one of the largest consumer products in the world. What are the, what is that song for money, more problems. Success in business brought this problem on malware doing really well, making all this money. What do we do with it?

I was taught if you have wealth, the duty is to help those who don't. So we went out across the world and said, okay, let's do something for people that have less. So we have this invention shop called stage two. Purpose of stage two is to make useful things for those who are less privileged. We get to work on some really cool projects here, things that can truly have that global footprint and really impact the world.

In the company who says, look, we're part of something bigger than just ourselves. For us to be able to do something that we really feel is going to make a change in the world on a huge level, it's exciting. It's really about the work and the work is great deal of fun. The problem is we have so much stuff. What do you do first? So you got to do the really big stuff first. What has the most uh, effect on population? A couple of years ago we came out with a documentary about some things that we were working on. Now some of this stuff is in the field and it's actually picking up steam. Last document. It was the story of what we've been doing. This is the story of what we've done.

The word philanthropy. I'm sure some of you, I and most of you know, it's made up of two Greek words, fellows and anatropous. It means service to humanity. Philanthropy is for what I call the unlucky third of the world. Those who are without any resources, what do they need? That's the big question. And it was only because of my own arrogance that I couldn't come up with the answer until I went to visit. And then I realized my God, they need, they want and they need exactly what we do, which is to make a living.

So we came up with the three fundamentals, which define a person's, um, wellbeing. And on those three, everything else is built and they were electricity, water, and health. If you have those three and you have, you're not lazy, you'll be fine. You'll make a living. The number of things that happen once you have electricity is unending. It's what created all the wealth in the world. Most people don't realize this in rich countries, but billions of people either have no electricity or electricity to three hours a day. If you can fix that and it makes a huge difference in a person's life.

A couple of years ago we worked on this process to make electricity with the spike. You peddle for an hour and your electricity for 24 hours. The machine is called free electric and the idea is that you can be off the grid completely and never get a bill again. We went out with the bike and the basic battery to a bunch of houses in India. Lo and behold, we found out the bike itself was an accessory. What a person really needs in the villages is a light. Think about it. Seven in the evening till you go to sleep. It's just dark. You wouldn't get much done. One light bulb their whole evening is productive.

The other things they need is to charge one cell phone. If you can just have those two things, you've really taken care of. 85, 90% of the requirements of a very ordinary home. One of the things that our guys came up with was, uh, something I'd been against all this time. I don't know they did it just to make fun of me and it's very possible. Billy came up with all of this stuff after I've told Billy that I really want nothing to do with solar. Been bashing solar left and right everywhere, right? One installation costs are ridiculous too. Nobody's going to climb on the roof every day and clean it. So maintenance issues, three, if it breaks, nobody's going to fix it because you need a PhD to fix it. And so our guys took it on as a challenge. So this is kind of what we came up with to make sure that we had something that was portable, almost like your own little generator, you know, for for producing power for anybody. Two years later, free electric has evolved from the bicycle itself to a self contained electricity manufacturing machine. We created the Hunt's power pack for households that don't have reliable electricity. With this, they will never get an electric bill again. It's lightweight, has a built in spotlight and room lights and an entire house can run a fan, a TV, computer, mobile phone and lights for up to several hours. It's built to last.

That's why it has a 12 year warranty. And best of all we have ways to charge it so the electricity is totally free. Use the built in solar panel or connected to the Hans free electric bicycle. Both will give you free electricity. You can also charge it off your standard wall socket, but that will cost you money. If ever we get to a point where there's a zombie apocalypse, you will have a cell phone and you will have lights in the house.

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